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TILL DEATH DO WE PART:  Post-production ends / Marketing & Distribution begins  

Director Victor Hugo Ferreira announces finalization of post-production of film and beginning of submitting short film to diverse film festivals around the US.  Actors and crew happy to see final master of the film.

Director Victor H. Ferreira's cameo in TILL DEATH DO WE PART

Director Victor H. Ferreira portrays Mary Stephen's (actress Heather Rivera) husband in this post-apocalyptic psycho drama, as a silent cameo while the world comes to an end. The filmmaker expressed his love for acting and theater, and even gave some experience tips to the cast while production shooting was in progress.

Here the Director can be seen with lead actress Heather Rivera and crew during the nuclear attack scene shoot.

TILL DEATH DO WE PART finalizes production shooting  June of 2016

The Cast and Crew of TILL DEATH DO WE PART finalizes production shooting. Actors are overwelmed with the screeenplay and are excited to see the film edited in it's third rough cut or third draft ASAP.

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